Friday, June 7, 2013

Despise Not Small Beginnings

(c) 2008 Derek Ramsey (Ram-Man) and the Chanticleer Garden

   Have you ever found yourself faced with a big task and wondering how you'll ever reach the end? And finally when you have come to the end, you find yourself at an equally difficult place––the start of something new? You have conquered one big mountain only to find yourself at the base of another. The wonderful words of wisdom “despise not small beginnings” always bring me comfort when I'm facing seemingly insurmountable hurdles. Great works usually start small. How else to begin something but to start at the beginning? 

    I'm reminded that every spring, nature goes through this transformation. Emerging from winter, every tree and plant seems dead but upon closer inspection, they're just resting. Getting ready for the great work to begin. They start lifeless––naked––and by the time summer arrives, they are clothed in blossoms of full maturity. One of my favorite examples is how a brittle, black, pinpoint of a seed so easily crushed can grow and unfold into a blazing, red poppy, full of vigor and expectancy.

    Or what about the sunrise? The day starts out dark, shrouded in blackness, then instead of bursting forth into full radiance, the dawn slowly unfolds––a first light, rose-pink in appearance. Faint. Perhaps even appearing fragile. But everyday that emerges is new, strong, and so full of promise.

(c) Lisa Tancsics
    I think we need to live with the same expectancy and promise. We need to embrace our small beginnings, our moments of obscurity, and never forget where we have started. For if we don't remember where and why we started, will we ever be able to grow? To track our journey? To see if we have indeed arrived at a good, satisfactory end?

    For me, my current “small beginning” is embarking on the journey of publishing my first novel. It has been a meaningful, difficult––and at times, crazy––endeavor, but what I have learned is priceless to me. And humbling...oh, so very humbling! But I cherish it and will do my best to never forget this venture.

    Everyone has to start somewhere with something. Whether it's an author releasing their debut novel, a student heading off to college, parents having their first child, or a doctor performing their first operation, we have all experienced a small beginning.

   What are yours? What fond memories do you hold dear about that adventure? What advice can you give? Where have you grown since then? And can you see how that small beginning perhaps prepared you for something bigger?


  1. Congratulations, Christi on your first novel! That is really exciting. Can't wait to read it in September when it comes out.

    Reading this post caused me to reflect on one of my small beginnings. I recall packing up a compact car 24 hours after getting married with our meager life possessions. We had just gotten married and my husband had to be 200 miles away for a job he was starting the next day. On this unknown journey, we knew we had our love for each other and that was enough (but it was small compared to where we are now). Many challenges, joys, struggles, perplexities and happiness were encountered. I'm thrilled to report that in a couple of months, we will reach a huge milestone––50 years of marriage! Our love for each other is so much greater in every detail. I'm grateful for that small beginning!

    1. Hi Fifi!

      Thank you so much for your kind words :) I'm pretty excited! Ok, REALLY excited!! That would be awesome. Keep checking back on the site as I'll be updating it when things develop as to the book's release.

      Also, thanks for your comment. And congratulations to you! Fifty years is quite the milestone. Most people don't make it that long sadly. So, whatever you did has worked :) I can see how packing up everything into a car and I'm assuming moving to a new city would indeed be a small beginning. Did you know anyone in the city? Can you share more on the experience? Specific memories?

      Thanks for being my first comment! Would love to hear more :)

      Take care,

  2. I think every time I feel I am finally getting somewhere, I find myself at yet another hill to climb. It never seems to end. However, the joys I get from even the smallest of successes have been worth it, and I am excited to keep climbing those hills. Hopefully someday I might find myself topping a few. :) Welcome to the blogging world- Christi. I am so excited to see your book in print. Best to you :)

  3. I love how optimistic you are and how you're willing to keep climbing those hills. That is such an inspiration to me to keep plugging along too. It can be hard. The hills can be so discouraging and seem insurmountable. But I know when we reach the top, we can look back and see how much we've grown.

    Thank you for the kind welcome! I'm excited to be here. Can't wait to see my book in print either :) Take care!

  4. Lovely post, Christi. You are definitely showing your grace and style with words and ideas. I'm looking forward to many more posts as well as your debut novel. Collectively, they will bring me into new and fascinating worlds. I hope your career is long, illustrious and successful. With your talent and tenacity, I see a great future for you.

    Keep writing, lady. You’re the best!

  5. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, Gary! I hope I can continue to hit the mark with my ideas and writing. As you well know, some days are just empty. You can't seem to put two words together that will evoke emotion, let alone paragraphs. Others seem like a leaky faucet that won't be stopped. Regardless of the day, I'm going to keep trying :)

    Thank you! I can't wait myself. It'll be quite the milestone for me and I'm going to revel in it for awhile before getting back to work on the second project. I wish the same for your career as well. You're writing is tops!

    Right back at you!

  6. Congratulations, Christi on your first novel! I'm so happy for you. I know once published it will be a success! Your words touch the heart in your writing, so I imagine the words in your book doing the same. Encountering you for the first time is a breath of fresh air!

    Everyday is a new beginning for me. It brings with it -- its own challenges. I don't think a day goes by that a lesson isn't learned; that I grow and become more and more! Life is a journey and inspite of all the obsticles, I will jump the hurdles one step at a time, and keep moving forward in faith.

    Look forward to more of your writing, Christi.

  7. Thank you, Betty! It's so wonderful to have support from lovely people like you :) It's been an incredible and sometimes difficult journey but I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

    You are so kind! If my words can continue to touch hearts and evoke emotion, then I can't ask for anything more. I will consider my writing being worthwhile then.

    That's the beautiful thing about waking up every morning, it's like having a fresh start! Each day holds so many opportunities and encounters all it's own. And like you said, lessons learned! Yes, keep on jumping those hurdles moment by moment. Keep the faith! And remember, you aren't alone :)

    Blessed Tuesday to you!